You're invited to our Grand Opening Sunday, July 7th!  Ribbon Cutting is at 1:00pm.

Gently used treasures at aggressively low prices. 



Our Angels Attic has formed for the purpose of the betterment of the Slippery Rock community. We have a population that is under-served. We will provide job training and community activities to show that JOY can be experienced through serving each other. We will offer job training to those with disabilities in order to secure skills and allow those individuals the opportunity to achieve gainful employment in a competitive setting. We are offering quality clothing at a low price to anyone who needs to take advantage of our store. Our goal is to have a customer leave with a complete outfit for $10 including shoes. We will offer a small amount of home décor to decorate apartments and dorm rooms.

We want to inspire, empower and mobilize the community and want the community to know we are available for training, education, and referrals. Clothing we cannot use will be donated out to the swap at SRU for student assistance or to a homeless cause in need. Our focus is vocationally driven. The additional programming we offer is just a part of a well-rounded meaningful life.

All monies will go to pay rent, utilities and programming supplies like books for the literacy club, tickets to plays and concerts, art supplies for therapy, community integration projects and beautification, guest speakers if needed, community outings.


Create and develop community vocational rehabilitation project to include individuals with disabilities in a natural relaxed setting in order to promote education, supports, employment and volunteering opportunities in the Slippery Rock community.

Present interns and individuals with disabilities experience that will empower life-long learning.

Create and expand opportunities to the Slippery Rock community educational awareness and support concerning individuals with disabilities.

Open opportunities to the Slippery Rock community and beyond to have access to quality low priced clothing, home goods, accessories, and more.

Establish life-long community and business relationships for the betterment of the Slippery Rock area.

Create an atmosphere where self and professional development will prosper and grow through unlimited creativity.

Allow those gifted in their unique field to share, teach, learn and support others.


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